This is How You Do It

I never imagined that Google would be the place to show the wokesters the door.

Yes, the New York Times may have pointed their own bunch toward the door, but Google launched them out of it with a trebuchet, and Lord is it glorious.


Understand that I don’t have a problem with people willing to challenge authority in the workplace. What I have a problem with are people who think their opinions are so righteous that no one in authority would dare challenge them.

Voicing your concerns? Fine.

Staging a sit-in on company property during work hours? Probably just a smidge too far.

Ed Morrissey

Be sure to read it all and consider subscribing to Tom's substack. Like Tom, I'm not forgetting all of the rotten things Google has done, especially to impede and demonetize conservative voices. But this may be a necessary first step to correcting their rampant politicization. We'll see. 

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