You are now claiming it's racist to disagree with a black person or to dislike their management style.

No backtracking; you said what you said. "Racism" now means simply "failure to sufficiently praise a privileged minority." ...


She complained about him "chastising" -- criticizing -- an Asian woman. That's not racist. When she complained of the criticism, that was racist. Because he's higher on the Oppression Pyramid of Privilege.

Ed Morrissey

This story is a few weeks old, but it's well worth watching. The NY Times reported on it in mid-March, and it's pretty much how Ace lays it out here. The ACLU acknowledges that Kate Oh didn't use any racist slurs or language, but claims that her vocabulary demonstrated a "willful anti-Black animus." 

And it has many observers scratching their heads about what the ACLU has become, as the NYT notes:

The heart of the A.C.L.U.’s defense — arguing for an expansive definition of what constitutes racist or racially coded speech — has struck some labor and free-speech lawyers as peculiar, since the organization has traditionally protected the right to free expression, operating on the principle that it may not like what someone says, but will fight for the right to say it.....

A lawyer representing the A.C.L.U., Ken Margolis, said during a legal proceeding last year that it was irrelevant whether Ms. Oh bore no racist ill will. All that mattered, he said, was that her Black colleagues were offended and injured.

In other words, the ACLU is no longer interested in civil rights, but in enforcing the Oppression Pyramid of Privilege, as Ace calls it.

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