Unanimous SCOTUS Opens the Floodgates For Lawsuits Over DEI Policies

Writing for the court, Justice Elena Kagan said that the policewoman “does not have to show … that the harm incurred was significant. Or serious, or substantial, or any similar adjective.”


The take-away is that the policewoman gets to sue, and so do a lot of other people. And not just over sex discrimination or transfers.

The opinion covers a lot more. ...

The ruling applies to sex-based transfers, like the policewoman’s, but it also applies to many corporate DEI programs.

It’s fashionable for corporate employers to create race- and sex-based employment conditions and privileges as part of their DEI initiatives.  

Ed Morrissey

That's good .... I guess. I'm generally skeptical about anything that expands the use of lawsuits, especially when targeting businesses. If this decision disincentivizes DEI through the potential of losses in court, great. But I wonder whether it may get used to sue over other issues that would practically create a need for quota systems within corporate America too. 

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