'Do Not Touch Me ... I Am a Faculty Member!'


I have previously written that universities must draw a clear distinction between free speech and this type of disruptive conduct. Cornejo has every right to protest outside of the event. However, preventing others from speaking or hearing opposing views is not free speech. It is the antithesis of free speech. It will continue until universities show the courage to discipline faculty or students engaging in such conduct.

The removal of Cornejo showed a commitment to free speech by the school. Often schools remain passive or enforce a heckler’s veto in such cases.

Yet, removal alone is not sufficient. Protesters will often plan a series of disruptions to effectively shutdown an event. Moreover, the university stated publicly that it wanted to show that such an event could occur on campus without disruption. This faculty member defied that policy and elected to heckle and disrupt the event.

Ed Morrissey

Fire her. From her bio, which Professor Turley excerpts, she doesn't sound like a great loss to Cornell. She's on a "tenure track," but apparently is an "undocumented" alien. And here's her specialty as an 'Assistant Professor in Interpersonal Communication in the Department of Communication at the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences':

Dr. Cornejo focuses on teaching students about different ways in which interpersonal communication can reduce or create disparities and inequities in the United States (e.g., discrimination towards sexual orientation minorities and immigrant communities), as well as the strategies members of minoritized communities (and allies, co-conspirators, families) utilize to challenge the disparities and inequities that position minoritized group members in a second-class position.”

That sounds like an Orwellian description of "she stirs up trouble and helps us meet our DEI targets."

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