Situational Awareness Safety Reminder: Don't Look at Your Phone in an Uber - Watch Where Your Driver Is Going


We live in UWS and the party is in Chelsea. 

It’s a straight shot south.  

She realized the Uber is taking her to East Harlem. 

I check location she’s at 108th and Madison.  

I call her. No pickup. I call again. No pickup.  

I call NYPD at 1:41 to tell them the situation. I’m freaking out.  

The destination is a literal straight shot south - You just don’t go to East Harlem to get to Chelsea from upper west side. You don’t do it.  

I’m scared af something terrible is happening  At 1:47, my fiancée calls me.  

She opened the car door while the guy was driving.  He stopped the car in confusion.  

She jumped out and he sped away.  

She checks Uber app and he never clicked in that he picked her up.  

When she asked which route he was going, he was silent and sped up.  

He was taking her into East Harlem to do who knows what...

Beege Welborn

Had that young lady not been on her game and had her head buried in her phone instead of watching the driver, this could have ended tragically.

Pay attention.

If you have high school or college age kids who have to Uber etc to get places, tell them TO PAY ATTENTION.

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