Here’s Why Hollywood Won’t Let Actors Talk to Conservative Media

So where are the Swank and Ritchson interviews at The Daily Wire? National Review? Breitbart News? Timcast IRL? The Blaze? PJ Media? Fox News? The Washington Times?


Hollywood in Toto?

You won’t find them.

The stars did chat with MovieWeb, ScreenRant and a plethora of smaller media outlets. There’s nothing wrong with casting a wide net. Those sites speak to dedicated movie fans, too. But why didn’t that net include right-leaning platforms?

Ed Morrissey

I've been able to get interviews with producers and directors of faith-based films in the past, so I can't say it's always a problem. But those have been entirely indie productions too, not really "Hollywood" connected films. Perhaps the most mainstream of those were Risen and For Greater Glory, the latter of which made Andy Garcia available for an interview. (In fact, Garcia was a very gracious and generous guest.)

But Christian's right in pointing out the disconnect, and we'll talk more about this tomorrow on Off the Beaten Path

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