New: 'I Can't Recall If I Lied'?

Nathan Wade's divorce lawyer Terrence Bradley tied himself in knots on the stand on Tuesday as he said 'I can't recall if I lied' and claimed he was 'speculating' when he claimed in a bombshell text message that his prosecutor client started dating Fani Willis before she hired him.


Bradley insisted he couldn't remember when his former law partner began his relationship with Willis during a grilling in the hearing that could see the Fulton County District Attorney thrown off the Donald Trump case. 

The star witness said 'I can't recall' at least 10 times when asked if Wade and Willis began their romantic connection before he was hired to prosecute the former president in Georgia.

Bradley also paused when he was asked point-blank if Wade and Willis had sex in his law office, to which he said 'I can't recall'. 

Ed Morrissey

Who could possibly "not recall" whether their partner used their business office for sex? 

That may be enough to keep Wade and Willis from blaming him, but from all accounts, Bradley embarrassed himself today. I doubt that this will impress the judge, who is the only decider in this case. Next up will be the cell records.

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