UK to ISIS Bride: Get Lost

A woman who traveled to Syria as a teenager to join the Islamic State group lost her appeal Friday against the British government's decision to revoke her U.K. citizenship, with judges saying that it wasn't for them to rule on whether it was “harsh” to do so. ...


All three judges dismissed her case and argued she had made a “calculated” decision to join IS even though she may have been “influenced and manipulated by others.”

In relaying the ruling, Chief Justice Sue Carr said it wasn't the court's job to decide whether the decision to strip Begum of her British citizenship was “harsh" or whether she was the “author of her own misfortune.”

She said the court's sole task was to assess whether the decision to strip Begum of her citizenship was unlawful.

“Since it was not, Ms Begum’s appeal is dismissed,” the judge added.

Ed Morrissey

Play stupid and evil games, win lifetime prizes. This is a tougher case than some due to Begum's age when she initially fled (15), which does lend some credence to the argument that she was trafficked more than operated on her own agency. Still, no one can blame the Brits for wanting to prevent the import of an ISIS fanatic into their midst, 'reformed' or otherwise. Her attorneys plan to appeal through other means, but Begum should probably start thinking about other options. 

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