Biden Mocked for 'Nine World Leaders' Claim

Noting that the upcoming election is looking more and more likely to be a rematch between Biden and his 2020 opponent, former President Donald Trump, Biden claimed that those heads of state had warned him that the states of their own respective democracies would be in peril “if the other guy wins.”


“As I walk out of meetings, a head of state will find an excuse to come up close … and say ‘you’ve got to win,'” Biden said at a recent fundraiser in San Francisco. “Not because I’m so special. ‘You’ve got to win because my democracy is at stake if the other guy wins.’ Nine heads of state have done that with me,” Biden insisted.

Critics riffed off some of the president’s other recent claims — namely that he had met with or spoken to heads of state who had died long before he assumed the presidency in 2021.

Ed Morrissey

First off, it never happened. Even before Biden's present senility, he was a serial fabulist who routinely made up stories about how various numbers of people would tell him how correct or wise he was about whatever. This usually took the form of lines of Republicans who claimed that they were too afraid of their own party to support his agenda. 

But yeah, I suspect Biden's leader list is:

  • Charles de Gaulle
  • Harald Bluetooth
  • Charlemagne
  • Winston Churchill (first term as PM)
  • Aisin Gioro Puyi (look that one up - Update: Fixed)
  • Willie Brandt
  • David Lloyd George
  • Jan Masaryk
  • Haile Selassie

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