Old Bolshevik fights on

Lt. Hiroo Onoda hid in the Philippine jungle for three decades after World War II , devotedly carrying out his soldierly duties till 1974, when he returned to an unrecognizable Tokyo. Likewise, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) carries on a torch for the proletariat, long after the rest of the Left has dumped the worker for racial and sexual categories.

Even if you disagree with Sanders — and you must if you understand basic economics and human nature and have even a passing knowledge of how socialist societies have ended — you have to give the Vermont socialist senator some credit for steady commitment. Just as Onoda continued to venerate the emperor as a deity while evading raiding parties, Sanders continues to revere economic determinism even as he, from time to time, is forced to mumble new pieties on climate, sex, and race.

On March 4, Sanders harrumphed to HBO’s Bill Maher that the Democratic Party had abandoned the worker.

[He spelled old “money-grubbing, lazy fraud” wrong. ~ Beege]

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