FBI snatched her life savings and still hasn't returned it

Linda Martin thought she was being responsible by putting her nest egg in a safe deposit box where she wouldn’t be tempted to touch it.

She never imagined the FBI would seize her life savings.

“They didn’t tell us why they took our money. They haven’t told us anything as far as what we did wrong,” Martin, 58, told Fox News. “We haven’t done anything wrong. We work and we saved our money because we were trying to save and buy a house.”

Two years later, Martin still doesn’t know why her money was taken or if she’ll ever get it back.

[Just think how much more of this they’ll be able to get away with when people start putting their meager savings in the mattress again thanks to the bank meltdown. The government will get to pretend we’re all drug kingpins. ~ Beege]

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