McDaniel: No "kiddies table" at 2024 debates

RM: So listen, but we also want to make sure the voters get to see a lot of the candidates, too. So it’s that. We’re going to have some criteria. I’m not going to get ahead of the debate committee. Dave Bossie has been running our debate committee. He’s done a great job. We’ve been meeting regularly. But there will be criteria, probably fundraising criteria as well as polling criteria, and we’re going to limit what polls we use. We’ve already been looking at the polls that have been just so wrong that we’re going to eliminate from any of our polling criteria. But I think the first stage will be big. And we may have two debates. I mean, that’s just the way it’s going to be, because we don’t want to limit the voters’ choice. And that’s what we’re thinking about right now, but we also don’t want to have everybody on the stage. We have to pass some criteria.

HH: Well, that’s a clue. Two debates. You mean, like back to back debates and then scramble the order of people showing up?

RM: Yeah.

HH: You’re not going to put people at the kiddie’s table?

RM: I’m not going to give you any more clues, because I don’t…

HH: Oh, I like that. I heard two debates. I heard that.

RM: Yeah. But send us your, they wouldn’t be back to back, I think. I think we’d do them on different nights so they get the same time slot. But if you have any other suggestions, send it our way, because the debate committee is continuing to meet right now.

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