Has Musk already put Twitter in the black?

Dumping all those woke people who banned President Donald John Trump, the Babylon Bee and Robert Stacy McCain has turned Twitter’s losses into profits, according to free-speech (and other freedoms) advocate Charles Haywood, who blogs here.

Using publicly available data, Haywood figures Twitter went from 20% deficits to a 28% profit. …

“In other words, the vast majority of 63% of Twitter’s expenses are personnel costs. If we assume primarily is 80%, and that 20% of cost of revenue is also personnel costs, 58% of Twitter’s total costs are personnel costs.

“When Musk took over, Twitter had 7,500 employees. Let’s guess 70% of those have left. Leaving aside pay differentials, that suggests that Twitter’s expenses have, likely permanently, dropped 41% overnight. That makes its new annualized projected profit $1.3 billion.

“This means Twitter’s net margin, going forward, is now about 28%. By way of comparison, Apple and Google both maintain net margins in the 22 to 25% range. In other words, Twitter is now more profitable than those companies.

“Your mileage may vary, and this is somewhat of a simplification. But it shows why Musk can win just by firing worthless losers.[“]

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