Following Florida's example

The Democratic Party and its media apologists get very worked up about election integrity efforts. That’s because these efforts are good at accomplishing their goal: obstructing electoral fraud and ballot-harvesting initiatives increases the likelihood of Republican victories.

With Republicans sweeping to victory across the state of Florida last week, even turning traditional liberal stronghold Miami-Dade County red, it is worth reviewing some of the key features of the 47-page election integrity bill that Governor Ron Desantis signed into law last May. As one of the bright spots in the 2022 midterms, Florida is the model for Republican electoral victory moving forward: ensuring free and fair elections in which the American people can have confidence. The left knows this, and will fight against such initiatives with all the means at their disposal.

Florida Senate Bill 90 was passed with the intention of guaranteeing election integrity across the state. The bill strengthened voter identification laws, including requiring additional identification whenever voters change their information or request a vote-by-mail ballot. It also banned the practice of mailing out ballots to entire voter rolls regardless of whether the ballots were requested. Now, precincts are only allowed to send ballots directly to those individuals who specifically request them—with proof that they are who they say they are.

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