Civics test results every bit as depressing as you'd expect

It’s depressing but not the least surprising to learn that our students are abysmally ignorant of civics, so ignorant that few could pass a basic citizenship test. A political science professor at Suffolk Community College in New York administered one, and this was the result …

We were taught that there were certain overarching principles that were almost sacred and without which that “goodness” would fall away. Freedom of speech was a major one; the rule of law and equality under the law was another. That latter principle was why the civil rights movements was so important and why something like lynching was such a a terrible terrible thing. We were taught that it was not okay to cut a great road though the law to get after the devil, as in “A Man For All Seasons” – although without reference to the play about More.

Very little of that seems to be operating in education today, and hasn’t for a long time.

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