"Joe Biden did exactly what Tucker Carlson wanted him to do exactly to the T"

Crenshaw compared the reactions to Taiwan to the calls for fast withdrawal from Afghanistan.

The isolationists well — would indignantly suggest that, “Oh, so you wanna start a war just to prevent a future war that you’re not even sure is gonna happen.” And my answer to them is always, “Well, the, the costs are coming either way. History tells us that over and over and over again.” The costs get greater with further inaction.

Every single time you can choose not to believe that. You can choose not to study your history and believe that simple fact, you can choose to believe that if the Chinese just get this one more island, that they’ll be nice after that. If Putin just gets Ukraine, then he’ll be nice after that. He has no interest in any of these other, you know, Russian ethnicities located in say, Latvia, if he has no interest whatsoever, he’ll just be nice.

Crenshaw then pointed the finger at one such “isolationist,” Tucker Carlson.

Nothing made me angrier than watching Tucker Carlson have the nerve to even criticize Joe Biden because Joe Biden did exactly what Tucker Carlson wanted him to do exactly to the T. Pull out everybody right now, you know, no ifs, ands, or buts, no middle ground whatsoever. Not even Trump was, I think, thinking of doing that, you know, we would’ve at least left people in Bagram.

They’ve been wrong on every front and it’s getting dangerous. You start to lose people in this kind of situation and you, you can’t have this naive outlook of the world.

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