Yes, her emails

But anyone — either on the anti-Trump left or the Trump-skeptical right — who thinks that the FBI and Department of Justice’s credibility can survive in the eyes of the average, normie American if it prosecutes Donald J. Trump on very, very similar mishandling-of-classified-documents charges that Hillary avoided with nary a slap on the wrist is naïve to the point of lunacy.

The FBI better have found that Trump did something truly heinous with classified documents — like pass top-secret material to the Saudis to get a LIV Golf tournament at one of his golf courses or hide the nuclear football under the shoe rack in Melania’s closet — or it better be playing hardball (Andy McCarthy’s theory) and actually investigating his 6 January shenanigans. If this is about enforcing the Presidential Records Act, I have no problem calling this one of the gravest blunders in the history of American law enforcement (that didn’t result in anyone dying, like, ya know, Waco).

Worst of all, at least from my perspective, if the DOJ and FBI are in the process of bungling this situation by pushing a ticky-tack criminal investigation on Trump — then they have given an enormous in-kind donation to his renomination and reelection campaigns at the expense of turn-the-page possibilities like Ron DeSantis, Tim Scott, or a dozen others.

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