Biden’s big bill: Two GOP strategists on how to kill it

In the current Byrd Bath debate, D’Angelo said he “would focus like a laser” on three policies.

1. The drug negotiation price setting program in the Democratic bill. The policy allows Medicare to negotiate prescription drug prices, which would bring costs down for beneficiaries. To expand those savings to Americans outside of Medicare, pharmaceutical companies would have to offer prescription drugs to private insurers at the Medicare prices or face a 95 percent excise tax…

2. The repeal of the Trump administration’s drug rebate rule. “Questions are raised about whether it’s appropriate to come in and in a single sentence, repeal a 300-page regulation, whole cloth,” D’Angelo said. “That’s a huge policy element to it, despite the huge budgetary effect.”

3. Forcing rebates on drug makers that raise prices faster than inflation. “It has sweeping effects with huge costs that are huge policy changes,” he said.