"My husband is now my wife"

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, there are no reliable statistics on what happens to marriages after a spouse comes out as transgender. And in a limited survey of 6,450 trans men and women, published by the Center for Transgender Equality, more than half of young couples stay together after a gender transition, whilst older couples over the age of 50 are more likely to split.

Their relationship has evolved in a very organic way from “[Andrea] buying [Allyssa] things to wear under [her] suit early on” to “walking down the street holding [her] hand as a girl in Los Angeles 20 years later” said Allyssa, adding that their journey has been “challenging and rewarding”.

Andrea knew her partner was “trapped in the wrong body” and that she wanted her to be as happy as she could be, with the resources they had at the time.

She said: “There were no words to explain what Kevin/Allyssa was telling me. I didn’t expect my husband to become a woman, but as time went on, it was clear to me that our future wasn’t going to be traditional.