Could John Fetterman sh*tpost his way to the Senate?

Fetterman’s not just spitting out catchy shitposts on Oz. He’s posting ad-like videos targeting the television doctor and highlighting Oz’s wealth, newly minted Pennsylvania residency and more.

But for voters in Pennsylvania, those posts, alongside a slew of campaign advertising, might be all they’ve seen from Fetterman in weeks.

Since suffering a stroke on June 3, Fetterman’s time on the campaign trail has come to a screeching halt. Though he’s posted online while out for date nights with his wife, Gisele, or on other small occasions, Fetterman hasn’t been running the same back-to-back circuit of events he did in his primary.

When news of Fetterman’s stroke originally broke, he faced some criticisms for not being entirely forthright about the cause. He originally said it was due to atrial fibrillation—a sort of irregular heartbeat—but a note from his doctor later unveiled it was a combination of A-fib and cardiomyopathy, in addition to stating that he’d not been taking his prescribed heart medication and had not been to the doctor in five years.