Forcing 10-year-old rape victims to give birth isn’t moral, just, or "pro-life"

I can’t believe I have to explain this, but a fifth-grader does not have a body suited to carrying or delivering a baby. (The World Health Organization found that the leading killer of girls 15 to 19 — who are years older — is pregnancy and childbirth complications). Expecting young girls to fully understand what’s happening is sadistic. Journalist Jill Filopovic recalls interviewing a 12-year-old rape victim who responded to being told she was going to have a baby by hearbreakingly asking if she could have a doll instead.

Why don’t pro-lifers care about the trauma inflicted on a child who was already sexually violated and then forced to give birth? How do we think she will ever have a normal, happy, healthy life? Why should her life be sacrificed?

But GOP Ohio Senate nominee J.D. Vance flippantly dismissed such circumstances as “inconvenient,” adding, “The question to me is really about the baby.”

Michigan GOP gubernatorial hopeful Garrett Soldano is on the same page, announcing that rape victims who become pregnant must “protect that DNA and allow it to happen.”

You also have Republicans trying to pass laws charging doctors with “abortion murder” if they don’t “reimplant an ectopic pregnancy” in the uterus — which is medically impossible — so it’s abundantly clear that anti-abortion activists don’t care about facts or pregnant people’s health.