"They're all scared. They should be."

In a series of Sunday tweets, Rep. Adam Kinzinger said Donald Trump and his allies, including House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, are “scared” following last week’s testimony by Cassidy Hutchinson before the Jan. 6 select committee.

“This BIPARTISAN committee has been able to find out things that up until recently were denied by the Jan 6th truthers, so they are left with trying to discredit a young woman with more courage than they could muster in a lifetime. Except… that isn’t working,” Kinzinger tweeted.

“Cassidy doesn’t seek the limelight, but she is compelled with honor. She didn’t even have to swear an oath to the constitution like Kevin, Elise, Kristi Noem and others did. But she volunteered to come under oath to tell what she knows. She is a better person than them all. “