Trans people are not an oppressed minority

Ultimately, mewling about misgendering and making demands for access to hormones on the NHS are not the actions of an oppressed minority. Who has time to contemplate their gender identity? It is never middle-aged mums who discover their inner ‘Clive’ after slipping on a pair of their husbands’ boxers. Pretending to be the opposite sex is a pursuit of the privileged – a fantasy of pervy middle-aged male computer programmers and an identity for confused students to try on.

Acknowledging the fact that however we identify we all have the same rights would deprive trans-activist groups of purpose and funds. So these groups confect complaints, cultivate victimhood and stoke fear in an attempt to justify their demands for ‘trans rights’. Yet trans people are no more victimised than anyone else. This inconvenient truth has left trans lobby groups scrambling around for evidence of trans people’s special victimisation. For example, Stonewall, unable to find any evidence of trans people being routinely discriminated against, has now taken to sharing stories from nameless people who claim to have been attacked. In want of facts, it is now peddling fear and anecdote in their place.

Online trans activists inhabit a ‘soft play’ world of trigger warnings and safe spaces, wrapped up in the infantilising powder blue and baby pink of the trans flag. Indeed, Felix Fern of Trans Activism UK reminded those attending Wednesday’s Downing Street protest to ‘make sure you have eaten, bring snacks’ and to ‘stay hydrated’. Fern sounded more like a primary-school teacher than a political campaigner.