Poll: Half say that Americans are becoming less patriotic

The Fourth of July is often viewed as a time of patriotic celebration, with three in four Americans thinking of themselves as at least somewhat patriotic. Two in five (40%) say they are “very patriotic.” Senior citizens, Republicans, and veterans are among the most likely to say that they are “very patriotic.” More than half of Americans (53%) say the public is becoming less patriotic – up 8 points since 2019 and up 7 points since 2013, the first time the Economist/YouGov Poll asked the question.

YouGov asked whether a person who has engaged in one of a variety of activities can still be considered patriotic. Majorities from each of the major parties say that a person who peacefully protests, criticizes President Biden, or criticizes Donald Trump can still be considered patriotic. Democrats and Republicans disagree on two circumstances, however. Democrats are more likely than Republicans to say a person can burn an American flag in protest and still be patriotic. Republicans, on the other hand, are more likely than Democrats to say a person who participated in the January 6 Capitol attack can still be patriotic.