"Everybody in this room has been lied to"

After Uvalde police came under scrutiny for their delayed response and shifting explanations, the Texas Department of Public Safety and a state legislative panel have opened investigations. However, the city has resisted releasing records and the legislative probe has held closed-door meetings, despite pledges from Texas Governor Greg Abbott for “transparency.”

“We have reached the point where we don’t believe in anything that anybody says,” a community member said at the meeting. “Everybody in this room has been lied to more than once.”

Other members of the crowd said the secrecy around the investigation was shielding the local police from accountability while leaving grieving families with an incomplete picture of the shooting.

“What if it was your kid?” another community member said angrily to Uvalde Mayor Don McLaughlin at the meeting. “You can’t say nothing. Nobody can… So do your part for us. If you can’t say something, do something.”