Study: Concealed-carry laws boost gun crime by a third

The most significant impact is that right to carry laws elevate gun theft by roughly 35% — “introducing tens of thousands of guns into the hands of criminals or illegal gun markets each year.” The study notes that other countries, such as Israel, impose jail sentences for negligent gun practices such as leaving firearms in unlocked cars precisely because of the ill effects of stolen guns.

Having guns increases the probability of success to robbery by criminals, but only 40% of robberies are committed with one, suggesting that firearms are scarce, and their availability important. Violent crime, robbery and aggravated assault rise by between 11% and 15%, with the firearm component rising by roughly twice that level, the study says.

They also find the laws are associated with a 13% drop in the rates that police clear violent crime. The authors speculate that processing complaints about the increased gun theft, as well as less willingness to confront possibly armed citizens, may contribute to the reduction in police effectiveness. They cite another study finding the adoption of carry laws caused a 13% rise in officer-involved shooting, possibly because of the perceived risk of coming under fire in the line of duty.