This is not Donald Trump's victory

Am I glad to see Roe gone? Absolutely. Do I think that Trump’s role in this could have been performed by a reasonably well-trained monkey? Absolutely. Does this somehow retroactively sanctify Trump and Trumpism?

Absolutely not.

I’m glad Augusto Pinochet beat the communists way back when, and it was good for Chile that he enacted some excellent economic policies: He was still a murdering son of a bitch, and there’s no sense or honor in denying the fact. I’m glad Francisco Franco came out on top in Spain, but he was still a fascist and a corrupt thug. I am very, very pleased that Roe v. Wade has been vacated, very grateful to the thousands of people who spent five decades undertaking hard and thankless work to get that done, in the face of bitter opposition from elite opinion — including, let us not forget, the opinion of Donald Trump for most of his career as a public figure.

Nobody is better pleased than I by the changes that have been wrought on the Supreme Court. Donald Trump is still a ridiculous buffoon, and those who supported him in 2016 were still fools to do so.