"Night of age": Grannies storm Kavanaugh's home

The Washington Free Beacon on Friday visited the homes of several conservative justices. Although an armed man had attempted to assassinate Brett Kavanaugh weeks prior, the mood on his Chevy Chase street was tranquil absent an elderly protester and her followers. Police watched as a group of half a dozen protesters, many of them wearing surgical masks, chalked pro-choice slogans on the sidewalk and marched back and forth with signs. The most militant of the bunch was an elderly woman brandishing a coat hanger—plastic, not metal—who led the protesters in chants of “Liar, liar, pants on fire.”

At one point, the cops ordered Chinese food.

The protests outside Justice Clarence Thomas’s Virginia home were not much different. Rather than acting enraged, most of the attendees —overwhelmingly white—banged on drums and sang what sounded like African-American spirituals. A mustachioed neighbor of Thomas’s observed nearby, cigar in mouth.

Members of the media appeared to outnumber the protesters at both justices’ homes.