The end of Roe won't change much

Ending Roe will not ban abortion. It just allows state legislatures to decide the issue instead of federal fiat by a few of our black-robed masters in the Supreme Court. There are some states with laws that will go into effect officially banning abortion, but they have already effectively done so through regulation, zoning, discouragement of facilities, etc. A lot of states have few if any abortion clinics.

Last year, there were 880,000 abortions in a nation of 330 million people.

That is not a lot. You’re more likely to know a married gay couple than to know someone who has had an abortion. Also, according to research from Notre Dame, the views of those who have had abortions is far more complex and less supportive of abortion rights than most people who have you believe…

The reality is nothing is really going to change. People who want an abortion may have to travel further to get one. Overwhelmingly, people will still not be getting abortions. A few more medical offices will come up for rent as abortion factories are shuttered. Protestors will clear out. State legislative elections will matter a bit more.