Next big fight looms over abortion pills

Republican-led states have been moving to limit or even completely ban access to the drugs, and advocates worry the Supreme Court’s decision will embolden even more states to crack down.

Immediately following the ruling, Attorney General Merrick Garland said the Justice Department will protect the right to an abortion, including medication abortion…

States have the authority to regulate practice of medicine, but Garland is seemingly arguing that federal law — and a federal drug approval — takes precedence over state law.

Lawrence Gostin, a professor of global health law at Georgetown University, said Garland needs to take action against any state that sets up barriers or outright bans access to abortion drugs.

“The FDA is our premier public health regulatory agency. And it should set, and does set, a national uniform standard for safe and effective drugs … states don’t get to pick and choose which FDA approved drugs they will and won’t allow,” Gostin said.