Fact check: Dem group made multiple false claims about Boebert

A photo the super PAC insisted is of Boebert posing on a bed in a tight dress is actually a photo of another woman. That woman, who had posted the photo years ago on her profile on a modeling website, confirmed to CNN this week that it is her in the shot.

After Wheeler argued in an email to CNN on Wednesday that this woman might have been “lying” when she said it is her — Wheeler wrote that he had confirmed “8 times” with an “absolutely confident” source that the photo is of Boebert — Wheeler then conceded in an interview on Thursday that the photo is not of Boebert.

“I will concede that. I think somehow our source mixed that up with something else. I don’t know how she mixed it up,” Wheeler said.

The super PAC had published the photo last week as part of a transcript of a text message conversation in which the source, “Jane Doe 3,” claimed it is a photo from Boebert’s page on the “sugar daddy” website. The super PAC took the photo off its own website last week after The Daily Beast and others said it isn’t a photo of Boebert — but, until Wheeler’s Thursday concession, the super PAC had continued arguing to CNN that it is a photo of Boebert.