Celebrate Dobbs: Donate to crisis-pregnancy centers

Crisis-pregnancy centers need our help right now. Over a dozen states already have laws on the books making abortion illegal after Roe is overturned. That’s great news, but women in those states are still going to consider getting abortions. They need care, and they need people to tell them there’s hope.

The Left is already on a crusade against crisis-pregnancy centers. From the journalists at the New York Times and the Associated Press to the criminals in Gresham, Ore., Dearborn, Mich., Buffalo, N.Y., and elsewhere, crisis-pregnancy centers have become targets in more ways than one. They’re prepared to meet the needs of a post-Roe world, but they need the resources to do it.

Let’s provide. Wouldn’t it be something if pro-life crisis-pregnancy centers were overflowing with donations tomorrow, and the day after that, and the day after that? Wouldn’t it be something if the entire pro-life movement responded to this victory by demonstrating, with our charity, that we really mean it when we say we’re pro-life?