It’s despicable to defund police while you live in a safe neighborhood

Niou pushes for the massive defunding of the NYPD, which would make Harlem less safe.

Keep in mind that the black residents Niou claims to represent don’t agree with that. A USA Today poll from last year found that only 28% of African Americans want to defund the police, and recent surveys suggest that number has fallen even further.

Worse, even as Niou fled for the comfort of the Financial District, she’s doing everything possible to make sure the predatory wolves of New York City get cashless bail, all in the name of “justice.” It is progressives like her that have more empathy for the violators of our society than the working-class who are trying to do everything possible to survive and thrive.

You see this across the country. Do you think the progressive district attorneys of Chicago, Philadelphia and Los Angeles live in neighborhoods with high crime? Hey, not their problem!