Republicans could hold key to 2024 Democratic nomination calendar

Three states — Michigan, Minnesota and Illinois — are applying to replace Iowa as the Midwestern representative in the early state order. But the Illinois bid is hampered by the fact that it is not a swing state in presidential contests, includes an expensive media market in Chicago and would be dominated by voters from one metropolitan area.

The proposal from Minnesota Democrats would require the agreement of the state’s Republican chairman to move up its presidential primary under state law, and Michigan Democrats would require the assent of Republican leaders in the legislature to move up their primary date. Neither has been forthcoming.

“While I am confident Michigan will have a strong voice when it comes to selecting our next presidential nominee, I’m laser-focused on ensuring our party has the resources at its disposal to elect Republicans up and down the ballot,” Ron Weiser, the chairman of the Michigan GOP said in a statement Monday. “There’s too much at stake to be focused on anything but the upcoming midterm elections.”