Biden must condemn the violence threat to the Supreme Court

Before the U.S. Supreme Court completes its term this month, it is expected to release a decision that will eviscerate Roe v. Wade, and there is already evidence that the response is likely to turn violent. Government officials have warned us that extremists on both sides of the charged abortion debate are threatening harm to the nine justices, the building itself, staff, and protestors. The decision is coming, the violence is expected.

President Biden, who visited both Buffalo and Uvalde to console local mourners and comfort the nation, has all the information he needs to speak out about this looming threat, and he must act now to quell the danger this moment is expected to produce.

At this point in the abortion wars, a majority of the threats are coming from extremists within Joe Biden’s political coalition who seek to act out against the conservative decision. That is all the more reason Biden cannot shirk his duty. This is not partisan. The president must step up now and warn that our nation is fragile and grieving and cannot abide any more violence, in any form, against the government or each other.

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