Trump has few followers as election claims grow more preposterous

But unlike his false claims about the 2020 election, his most recent insinuations of voter fraud are being almost entirely ignored. That happened in Pennsylvania, where Trump-endorsed Mehmet Oz didn’t follow Trump’s advice to declare victory before all votes were counted in the Senate race and a recount is now proceeding with Oz still in the lead.

Now comes Georgia, where Trump-backed candidates were blown out in the highest-profile competitive primaries last week. Trump on Tuesday circulated a blog entry citing as “obvious fraud” the fact that Gov. Brian Kemp got nearly 74% of the vote in the GOP primary — since “it doesn’t happen” that candidates win in such lopsided fashion. (Actually, plenty of incumbents win primaries by that margin or more.)

Just about nobody is following Trump’s lead on that. Former Sen. David Perdue conceded on election night — “we trust the people of Georgia,” he said — and counties certified their vote counts without incident on Tuesday.

Even Rep. Jody Hice, the election-denying candidate Trump backed for secretary of state, has conceded his race and called for Republican unity — even though his opponent most likely avoided a runoff only because Democrats crossed over and voted in the Republican primary, according to The Associated Press.

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