Murder, lies, and the internet

As I wrote in my book about that episode, “Muzzled — The Assault on Honest Debate,” many people only want to hear news and opinion that confirms their preexisting point of view.


But there is a difference between disinformation and censorship.

For the last decade, the internet has created a feast of disinformation, sending people down rabbit holes of anger, hate and mockery where they never hear a different point of view.

Now Congress says constitutional protection of free speech prevents any step to rein in online hate or, in the case of the Buffalo and Uvalde massacres, bullying trolls who carry out murder.

In the past, Congress refused to do anything while bots under the control of foreigners interfered in U.S. politics. They are similarly silent about human traffickers using the internet for evil.

Studies have shown that tech firms employ algorithms to elevate hateful, violent content because it is addictive, money-making clickbait.

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