"I could still see his face. I could see him staring at people in front of me."

9-year-old Daniel, alongside his mother, Briana Ruiz, told CNN the gunman fired several shots into his classroom at Robb Elementary after being unable to enter. The door had been locked by his teacher, and the bullets fired struck the teacher as well as a classmate.

Daniel began “hiding under a table next to the wall,” and said he could see the gunman through the door’s window.

“I could still see his face,” he said. “I could see him staring at people in front of me.”

Daniel later climbed out of a broken window to escape, cutting his hand on some glass, he said, and the two people injured in his class would survive. However, his cousin, Ellie Garcia, was in a different classroom and was one of 19 children and two teachers killed in the shooting.

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