Did Uvalde's SWAT team respond to the shooting?

“There were so many officers, so many agencies involved,” the source said.

The state’s Department of Public Safety, which is probing the response to the shooting, is still trying to determine which agencies were on the scene and the role each played. In Texas, it’s not uncommon for multiple law enforcement officials from different agencies to respond to an incident together…

“Maybe I am wrong but I haven’t seen or heard from our Uvalde PD at all?” resident Norma Hidalgo posted on Facebook early Saturday, noting that they’ve been talked about but no one from the department has addressed the public. “I really hope our Uvalde Police Department will come forth and just talk to us. To everyone. Help our community heal.”

Friday afternoon, Hidalgo shared the department’s February 2020 post, asking, “We have a SWAT team?”

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