“Here’s the proving ground. And we just saw it fail in real time.”

“In addition to the police response being an unfathomable failure, it is also just a profoundly upsetting demonstration of the bankruptcy of the arms race theory of violence prevention, something that Wayne Lapierre pulled out of the ether,” Hayes argued, staing,

This decades-long project outlined by Lapierre, 10 years ago – “Just give everybody guns and arm and increasingly militarized police force, more and more money, more and more weapons, make sure they all have SWAT teams. They all need to have SWAT teams, because you never know.” So, if one of the weapons ends up in the hands of a bad guy, we’re gonna have a parliamentary unit that is trained to go in there and stop them. It’s all BS!

Hayes said militarized police departments were offered an opportunity in Texas to prove their arsenals were justified.

He concluded the notion it takes a good guy with a gun to stop an equally-armed monster was tested, and it did not pass.

“Here’s the proving ground,” he said. “And we just saw it fail in realtime.”

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