Kellyanne Conway: Someone must have worked to turn Trump against me

“I was given a statement last night that he was going to put out — a beautiful statement about the book and our relationship and how hard we had worked together. So somebody worked overtime between last evening and this morning to have him put that statement out.”

She argued Trump was likely being fed negative headlines about the book by people in his orbit:

I think that people have their own interests at hand, including the same people who say privately that Donald Trump lost. And I would love to see his 2020 campaign team out there. I would love to hear from Brad Parscale and Jared Kushner and Tony Fabrizio, John McLaughlin, a whole bunch of them, Bill Stepien. I’d like them to go on the record. I never see them anywhere talking about the 2020 election. So that’s very fascinating. Some of them even say they’re out of politics now. But I saw a beautiful statement that was going to come out some time between last night and this morning, that did not, about the book.

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