"Trump picked this fight": Why heavyweight Republicans no longer fear Trump

“We have to be the party of tomorrow, not the party of yesterday,” Christie, who campaigned for Kemp in Georgia, told POLITICO. “But more important than that, what we have to decide is: do we want to be the party of me or the party of us? What Donald Trump has advocated is for us to be the ‘party of me,’ that everything has to be about him and about his grievances.’”

Christie added: “Trump picked this fight.”…

“I think the former president has been poorly advised because he’s made a lot of endorsements in an effort to showcase his formidability,” a Pence adviser said, “and that has the counter-effect that actually shows the endorsement doesn’t carry the same weight it once did.”

Gregg Keller, a Missouri-based Republican strategist, said it’s essential for an “ideologically and culturally diverse” party to have “politically countervailing forces” against some of Trump’s ill-advised endorsement picks.

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