The way to reform gun laws is incrementally

Their concealed handgun regime? Glad you asked: Previously, 23-year-olds would have to take a class and apply for a license, which, if granted, would appear on your driver’s license. Today Missourians (or anyone visiting Missouri) aged 19 or older who meet the requirements to possess—not buy—a firearm can carry one without a concealed handgun permit or any training or demonstrated knowledge of the gun or state laws regarding carrying a gun.

Yes: This means that in Missouri, people who aren’t old enough to buy handguns under federal law—which mandates that a handgun buyer be at least 21 years old—can legally carry them concealed in the state. Think about that for a minute.

In 2007, when I moved to Virginia, I took a class, passed a test, gave the state police my fingerprints, submitted to a background check, and waited a month until a court agreed to grant me a license to carry a gun based on my application and background check.

Today in Missouri, untrained people who have not demonstrated competency with a gun or knowledge of the law can walk around with concealed handguns, no problem.

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