Our greatest public-health crisis? The angry young American male

Gun control is necessary, of course — the idea that someone not old enough to vote can legally purchase assault rifles is insane — but lawmakers, public health officials and Americans ourselves have a greater, more complicated crisis to address.

We are continuing to create, more than twenty years after Columbine, young male mass shooters who target schoolchildren.

Only in America. No other country suffers this sickness but us. America, land of milk and honey. Born here and you’re born on third base. Yet we are cultivating a cohort — young men hellbent on killing our children.

There is a malignancy in our culture, and like every untreated cancer, it continues to metastasize. Mass shootings aren’t just commonplace. They’re frequent. They’re no longer a bug in our country but a feature. Less than two weeks ago a mass shooter killed 10 people in a Buffalo supermarket. Who even remembers that now, after this one?

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