Surveying the murky 2024 Democratic field

I’ve written before that Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro has a formidable combination of intellect and charm, and should he romp in the Keystone State governor’s race this fall — he narrowly outpolled Joe Biden statewide in 2020 — he might earn a slot on the national ticket, much as Harris did in 2020. Stacey Abrams will show up on most lists if she takes the Georgia governor’s office this fall — and perhaps even if she does not

That leaves open the billionaire lane. No, not Mike Bloomberg, who demonstrated an almost unique ability not to win votes with suitcases of self-funding cash in 2020. What about the owner of this paper? Did anyone else notice Jeff Bezos’s recent tweets about inflation? Inflation is a career killer for incumbents at the federal level, and even sitting governors get splattered with its mud. But not executives of unquestioned success, especially someone like the Amazon founder who not only can speak to supply chains but who has built them. He has so far has been nimble in his public appearances, and while he is no longer chief executive, his company has proved that it can deliver for people. Amazon’s response to the draft decision in the pending Mississippi abortion case — it will pay travel costs for employees seeking abortions — is going to become a progressive “must have” from corporate America.

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