"It is time to pull back, it is time to deescalate"

Carlson – who has come under fire for comments that leftist critics say support ‘The Great Replacement theory, a racist ideology that allegedly inspired the accused Buffalo mass shooter and New Zealand Mosque killer – went on to criticize the left for what trying to push a narrative that he is racist.

‘Rhetoric has it’s own internal logic,’ Carlson, on of the network’s most prominent voices, said. ‘We’ve experienced it – we can talk ourselves into things. We’ve all done that.’

He continued: ‘Democrats are doing it right now. And what they’re talking themselves into right now, is, quote, “something worse.” It’s scary.’

The host then seem to offer a grim warning to his progressive critics.

‘It is time to pull back, it is time to deescalate – otherwise this is going to get really ugly, really soon.’

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