"I was really disappointed that Dave was allowed to perform"

Some attendees who were looking forward to watch John Mulaney’s stand-up show in Ohio on Friday night were taken aback when Dave Chappelle opened the show with an anti-trans and anti-gay joke during a 15-minute surprise performance.

Many fans took to social media to express their anger at being “ambushed” by Chappelle, who has a history of mocking the LGBTQ community. Attendees told BuzzFeed News they were also disappointed with Mulaney for giving Chappelle another platform to malign an ”already-marginalized” community.

“I’m just a little disappointed in [Mulaney],” Morgan, 21, who attended Friday night’s show, told BuzzFeed News. She did not want to provide her last name to protect her privacy.

“It hurts to know that Chappelle’s transphobia wasn’t enough of a deterrent to keep him off the show,” Morgan said. “I probably wouldn’t have gone or I would’ve at least skipped the openers if I knew Chappelle would be there.”