A woke Waterloo at Netflix?

While the restatement of the streaming platform’s company creed might be interpreted as mere words — little more than a calculated feint to placate a customer base weary of cultural revolution and ideological purges — Netflix appears to be backing it up with actions.

Nearly 70 contractors writing for the company’s left-wing brands such as the black-centric “Strong Black Lead” and the Asian-focused “Golden” were let go from the company as part of a downsizing effort the company has undertaken over the past several weeks.

Many of the workers reportedly only discovered their dismissal over Zoom, or by learning via the communication app Slack that their work channels had been shut down.

Also reportedly suffering firings were the LGBTQ brand “Most” and the Latino-geared project “Con Todo.”

Resentment over the firings swept across social media. Netflix had “hired a powerhouse team of creators from a variety of marginalized communities and they were performing exceptionally well,” wrote “empathy worker” Karla Monteresso on Twitter. “Had us all invested in their work.”