Trump's out of office but the MAGA merchandise machine keeps chugging

Fast-forward to the present day, and the MAGA Mall website offers more than 180 hats and over a dozen product categories, including greeting cards, rhinestone caps and “Not My Dictator” T-shirts featuring Democrats like Biden and Gov. Steve Sisolak of Nevada.

Solomon, who also travels to Republican events to sell his products, said that he had about a quarter-million hats alone in inventory.

“We have the Rolls-Royce of political hats,” he said, “at Chevrolet prices.”

He said he wore his company’s hats everywhere, except parties and formal restaurants.

Now, after Biden’s speech last week, Solomon is adding T-shirts and caps that declare pride in being “ultra-MAGA” or an “ultra-MAGA extremist” to his suite of products.

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