Poll: Share of Americans who say Ukraine is winning the war grows

When this question was first asked in mid-March, opinions were reversed: 29% of Americans saw Russia as the winner, and just 19% said Ukraine. The share who say that neither side is winning the war has stayed steady: 31% said this, according to the poll conducted March 19 – 22, and 29% say it now.

By a similar margin, Americans believe Ukraine will eventually win (36% say Ukraine, 17% say Russia). This increase in belief that Ukraine will succeed in the war extends to other questions, as well. By a margin of 45% to 17%, Americans expect that in a year Ukraine will still be an independent nation, and not be under Russian control. By a margin of more than three to one, they expect Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelensky, to still be president then.

Democrats (62%) are more likely than Republicans (48%) to say Zelensky will remain in power in a year, but members of each party are still more likely than not to believe this.

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